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Manage Hardware Expansions

Open the Manage Hardware Expansions dialog in order to connect/disconnect expansion hardware to/from your camera.


Some MOBOTIX interface ports such as the M25 USB host connector can be operated outside the official specifications in order to support extended functionality. Since this results in the risk of potential damage to standard hardware, it is imperative that you connect or disconnect expansion devices to and from you camera only when prompted to do so.

This procedure ensures that non-standard signals are routed properly to the corresponding connectors only when adequate MOBOTIX hardware is connected.

Connecting/Disconnecting Expansion Hardware

Depending on the actual camera model that you are using, the dialog's main area will display the available expansion devices in sections.

Each section contains a list of expansion device options that can be connected to this particular connector. Next to each option there is a button labeled in either of the following ways: </